How to Care for your Kagi

How to Care for Kagi Jewellery


All Kagi jewellery is made with care using the highest quality precious metals, zirconia and semi-precious gems. 

Here are some tips to keep your jewellery looking its best:

  • Always store your Kagi pieces in a soft lined box or pouch. Make sure your jewellery pieces are not touching each other as they may scratch. 
  • All jewellery will age and metals do tarnish naturally so if you want to keep your pieces in pristine condition, clean your jewellery regularly.
  • Please avoid swimming or going in the water wearing your jewellery, as any liquids (including water) cause damage to most metals and will erode the plating and also the metal underneath. 
  • Also take off your Kagi jewellery before cleaning, gardening or during sports activities.

Gold & Rose Gold 

Kagi gold or rose gold jewellery is crafted in stainless steel with 11k Gold or 14k Rose Gold plating over the top.

Even though we use a thick layer of good quality plating to produce all Kagi pieces, this plating can still wear off over time. it is sometimes possible to contact your local jeweller to have your pieces re-plated. 

Please do not let your Kagi jewellery come into contact with nail polish removers, perfume or hairspray. We recommend not to wear gold or rose gold plated jewellery on a day to day basis, that way you will enjoy them for much longer. 

Frequently clean in a mild dishwashing liquid diluted in water. Use of a polishing cloth or strong jewellery cleaner is not recommended.

Rhodium Plated

Kagi rhodium plated jewellery is crafted in stainless steel with 11k Gold or 14k Rose Gold plating over the top. We use Rhodium to coat our jewellery as it is hard-wearing and maintains a bright and shiny finish for a number of years without requiring a lot of cleaning, unlike sterling silver. Perfect for the every-day, busy woman!

When the plating becomes discoloured, you will need to clean it using the following instructions:

  • Cleaning gold jewellery is best done with warm water and detergent free soap. Soak for 10 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes. With your fingers gently rub the jewellery and with a soft toothbrush gently scrub the finer areas.
  • Rinse off all soap with lukewarm water, place the jewellery on a soft towel and gently pat dry and leave it to air dry overnight.
  • Use non-abrasive cleaning materials. If a cleaning substance is too strong it may remove the rhodium. Do not use jewellery cleaning products on Kagi rhodium.